Tuesday, 9 August 2016

What Is Abacus and Why There Is encouragement in today’s Education Regarding Abacus?

Abacus is the ancient tool having its roots in Asia used for calculations. It is used for the arithmetic calculations with the mental calculation including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and even finding percentage and calculations for decimal and negative numbers.

It is effective tool or calculating device that even enable the students to calculate the square root manually with speed and help to enhance their mental power and concentration.

Why Abacus become important for today’s education?

It is the calculation tool used for solving the basic arithmetic problems by the people related to their day to day life. Even businessmen have been using this tool for the calculation since centuries for their business purpose but now this tool is also emerging in the field of education.

Students and their parents are showing great interest for the Abacus training programs. Starting from the age of 6 students can get this training for polishing their skills in the included 8 levels of the training course.

This training program helps in developing the brain of child as at the time of birth cerebral neo cortex does not function completely it starts developing in childhood this training program boost up the development process and improves the concentration of students that not only help them in studies but also in their personal life.

This program is spreading its wings in the minds of students as it increases their calculation power and mental arithmetic, students can do the complex calculations with speed that improve their performance in exams and hence overall grade.

Due to increased mental power and concentration children feel more confident and that help them to go ahead with the improved logical and analytical thinking power. This program also boosts up the visualization power and photographic memory of child and helps him to become more creative.


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