Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Mid brain activation and some tricks to improves your memory power.

Midbrain activation is the training program that is very helpful for children. The midbrain training age for the children is 4 to 14 years because at that age they are easy to consume all things and easy to make the new way to learning various things. The midbrain activation is the best course and also improves their ability through blindfolded intellectual reading with the use of the right brain. If the children use their complete brain this will also very helpful to increase the memory and also you can get the higher success in your future. In midbrain activation, there are many types of midbrain activation techniques such as calligraphy, abacus, quantum speed reading course, speed reading the course and many others. If the children learn midbrain activation courses this s very helpfully to improve your personality and also improve the way of communication with another person.

Here some important tricks to improves your memory power.

Eat right

Food plays an important role in your memory. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits and avoid sugar and grain carbohydrates. This is very helpful to improve your brain memory easily. You can eat non-vegetable items as well. Coconut oil is another healthful fat for brain function. So if you want to increase your brain level then this is very important to take care of your diet plan.


Exercise is very helpful to increase your brain memory and sharp your mind as well. If you do regular exercise that is very helpful to your health and also open your brain nerves.

Play brain games

This is the another important steps. If you increase your brain memory that is very important to plays brain games such as chess, abacus and also plays quiz game that can help you shape your brain easily.

Get a good sleep

Rest is the important part. So if you Rolex your mind then rest is the most and you can take a good sleep 6-8 hours day.

Avoid smoking

 You can avoid smoking if you improve your mental ability. If you use smoking that’s will helpful to reduce your mental power.


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